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November 3, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Hearts Entwined

An excerpt from the story Young Heroes written by Victor Marrero
Background: Mike refuses to give answers from homework to the school bully, Trip. He and his friends take Mike into the halls for "punishment".
"Ya like being smart, huh geek? Let's see ya be smart in THERE!"
Trip then forcefully shoved Mike into one of the blue lockers and slammed it shut, turning the dial on the front to completely lock him inside. There was not much room, but Mike found the space to straggle to his feet and peer out the slits to see Trip and his brute friends strut off down the hall, chuckling like dimwits. Mike felt alone and imprisoned, yet he felt the urge to speak to himself.
"Yeah, shove me in the locker tough guy. As if my day already wasn't a load of bullsh-"
A feminine voice cut him off. Mike turned around to see the one girl he thought would be the last to be stuck in a locker with him. He was awestruck by her familiar cyan eyes and long black hair.
"Bianca!" Mike said nervously, leaning against the door in tension. He observed her current presence with him. She sat with her legs pressed together, with fingers interlocked as if she were praying. Praying for Mike to be with her.
"He...He wanted the quiz answers, didn't he?" she asked, knowing of Trip's antics and motives for trapping students in lockers.
"Yeah." Mike responded solemnly. He slumped down until he was in a sitting position, and leaned his head back to gently hit the locker door. "He also wanted last night's homework answers as well."
Bianca nodded, then bent her head down at the floor. Mike sat still and thought of any possible ways to escape their confinement. A brief moment passed: Mike decided to break the silence.
"This your locker? If we have the combination, we could wait for someone to come by and help us out."
"Oh...Um, no. I have no clue who this locker belongs to." She said, sadly. Mike noticed her sorrow and felt his guilt build up inside him. He stood back up to peek out the door, but was struck by the sound of Bianca starting to weep. He crouched back down to her and held her shoulder.
"Hey, hey-hey-hey. What's wrong?"
Bianca spoke while she wept, her face starting to dampen with tears. "I just...I just don't like being so defenseless, Mike! I feel useless! Just useless!”
"Hey, it's alright Bianca. You don't have to fight if you're not comfortable with it. In fact, you can let me fight your struggles for you, if you want. I’ll be here for you, especially when you need it most. You can believe me when I say that..." Mike paused briefly. "...When I say that you're probably the sweetest and most beautiful person I know." Mike gently wiped her cheeks dry and moved closer to her ear. "It's going to be okay from here, I promise." he whispered soothingly.
Bianca stopped crying and glared into his eyes with the most heartfelt she had ever experienced. She placed both of her hands on his cheeks, and smiled as he did the same. They moved in closer and started to kiss. Mike was still nervous, but relieved that Bianca felt this way for him. Bianca leaned forward, keeping contact with his lips. Mike leaned back and hit his head against the steel wall, making a loud clang. They broke away sharply, and stared at each other in bewilderment. Bianca knelt over him as he reclined against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rested her head on his chest. Mike slowly stroked her long, black hair with his arm. His eyes shifted around the locker's deep blue walls, then finally focused on Bianca's behind. She wore the same dark gray shorts as she usually did, but he never fully noticed her backside that much. He loved Bianca for her kindness, but he could not help but notice its girth. He was very tempted, but was afraid he might cross a line if he dared to touch it. Cautiously, he reached over with his free arm and gently massaged her bottom. It felt warm and soft to the touch. Bianca giggled and sighed happily. He chuckled, and without thinking, slowly started to lower her shorts. Bianca lifted her head sharply and stared at Mike. She never thought he would do something like this.
"Oh! I-I'm so sorry!" Mike stuttered. He quickly let go of her and was starting to panic. "Oh my god, I'm so so sorry! I didn't think you would mind! I-I'm clearly taking this too far-"
Bianca cut him off by grasping his free arm. Mike gulped and expected the worst as he turned his head away.
"D-Don't break it too much..." He spouted out nervously.
A moment passed, and nothing happened. He slowly looked back at Bianca and watched as she slowly guided his arm back to her shorts and relaxed her head back onto his chest.
"Go ahead..." She whispered. "I love you that much, Michael."
Mike was still unsure if what was going on was actual reality. He slowly lowered her shorts until they were wrapped around her knees, revealing her pure white panties. Mike felt his pulse rise rapidly. He could not believe his eyes. Bianca giggled again.
"I'm feeling something from you, Mike."
Mike looked down between his legs, and noticed he was, in fact, aroused.
"Oh! Umm..." He stammered.
Bianca knew where this was going to go, so she decided to accept it. She smiled as she slowly unzipped his jeans and gently reached in. Mike flinched and stuttered.
"I think we're ready..." Bianca whispered seductively.
Mike smiled at her graciously and said what she longed to hear ever since they met: "I love you."
"I love you too, Michael...!" She replied happily.
Mike lowered her panties and dipped a finger inside of her while Bianca dug her hand deep into his boxers and held him firmly by his shaft. They kept still for a moment, and thought it would be best for one last kiss before finally beginning what they have always wanted to do. They moved their lips close, but as they touched, the locker door swung open violently. A tall figure stood above them.
"WHOA! HELLO!" The figure shouted as it came into focus of a dark-skinned teenage boy in red boxer shorts and fighting gloves. It was Vince.
Bianca screamed in surprise. "VINCENT! WHAT THE HELL!?" She yelled angrily.
Vincent looked at the two of them for only a fraction of a second before he burst into laughter. "Oh GOD! You...! And him! Ooh my GOD! In MY locker! OH MY GOOD LORD!"
Bianca was furious as her face turned completely red. She stood up with her shorts and panties still around her legs.
"GET OUT! NOW!!" she yelled loudly.
Vincent doubled over laughing. "Hey Mike! I knew you could do it bud! Just remember to use protection!"
Mike turned red also, but in embarrassment. " Shut up dude! Get out!"
Vince swiped his belongings from his locker and ran down the hall, howling with laughter. He shouted over his shoulder. "MAKE LOADS OF BABIES, YOU GUYS!"
Bianca was panting furiously; she pulled up her panties and shorts and fixed her hair. Mike stepped out and zipped up his jeans, disappointed that he would not make sweet love to the girl of his dreams.
"We were so close..." Mike said, disheartened.
Bianca sighed in frustration. "Listen, I really appreciate what you were going to do in there, but...maybe now isn't a good time."
Mike became even more disappointed. "I understand."
"Hey now..." She leaned in and kissed his cheek. "You're a very sweet guy. You're charming, smart...and cute!"
"Thanks." He replied. “But hey, you did kinda get aggressive against Vince, there. Maybe you’re learning to stand up for yourself.”
Bianca realized what she just did moments ago. “Yeah, I guess I am!” she said proudly. Mike smiled at her, then shyly looked away.
“So… Maybe tomorrow, then?"
"Yeah, tomorrow! I can come over to your house after school and uh...we can have our fun!"
Mike's heart lifted from its slump. "Really?"
"Absolutely." She reached out and touched his cheek. "I love you, my angel."
Mike gave her a big warm hug. "I love you too, my princess."
They stood in the hallway, embracing each other firmly. The final school bell rang and they parted ways, looking over their shoulders briefly as they both envisioned what the future held for them. They did not know exactly what would happen for the coming times, but they knew it was going to be the best of their lives.
An excerpt from my story Young Heroes. Believe me, it is going to get a bit more..."romantic" in later scenes.
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